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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad

People choose to have breast implants for many reasons that include increasing the size of the breasts, altering their shape, or making them appear evener. A breast implant operation is usually carried out with the person under general anesthetic and takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

A surgeon will cut the skin either at the bottom of the areola or below the breast, dissect out a pocket under the breast and possibly the pectoralis (push up) muscle, and position the implant. They will then stitch the cut back up before covering it with a dressing.

A person should not take the decision to have breast implants lightly. Not only can it be an expensive procedure, but it is essential to know that the results are not guaranteed.

However, before you make a rushed decision about breast implants, take your time to familiarize yourself with all possible outcomes. To know more info on Breast Augmentation check Aryavarta

Here are Five common side effects of breast implants :

1. Infection

Infection is a much more common illness caused by breast implants. Bacteria and mold can be released from the implant into the body. Such infections can lead to serious health problems.

2. Chronic breast pain

The scar tissue that hardens around the implant can become severe enough to warp the shape of the breast or cause pain. This condition is referred to as Capsular contracture. About 25%-30% of patients with saline implants get capsular contracture within three years of breast implant surgery, according to a 2000 report by breast-implant manufacturers ordered by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

3. Rupture and deflation

All breast implants will eventually break, but it is not known how many years the breast implants that are currently on the market will last. Studies of silicone breast implants suggest that most implants last 7-12 years, but some break during the first few months or years, while others last more than 15 years.

4. Cancer

Breast implants may be associated with anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), according to new findings announced by the FDA in January 2011. The cause of this rare immune-system cancer is unknown. It can show up anywhere in the body, not just in the breasts, according to the FDA.

5. Breast or nipple numbness

Based on online studies during the last decade, 12%-35% of women lost nipple sensation within three years of breast implant surgery, according to a federal Institute of Medicine review of the research. If a surgeon cuts around the bottom half of the areola, the procedure may occasionally damage nerves and ducts – and, rarely, cause nipple necrosis, or death, resulting in the loss of the nipple. Smoking compounds this risk.

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