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What Are The Parental Rights In Evaluation Process

Parents have a number of rights under the IDEA when it comes to their child’s evaluation process and IEP.

1. Your child cannot be evaluated without your written permission.

You must give written consent for your child to be tested before the team begins its evaluation. Allowing your child to be evaluated does not give the school permission to provide or take away special education services.

2. You should be treated as an equal member of your child’s evaluation team.

You know your child best and should be part of the evaluation process. There are many ways to participate, such as describing your child’s strengths, sharing your dreams and goals for your child, and expressing your concerns.   Check for Educational Evaluations in US here

3. You must be given a copy of the final evaluation report.

You have the right to see all the information that is gathered about your child. You also have the right to have test results explained by a qualified person in the language you understand best.

4. You are allowed to invite any person you want to the discussion of your child’s evaluation results.

Many parents find it helpful to have someone they know at meetings, such as a family friend, relative, or an advocate from a local parent organization. Many parents also find it helpful to review a copy of the evaluation report to before the meeting takes place.

5. You can have your child evaluated by professionals outside the school.

This is called an independent evaluation. The independent evaluation must be considered in decisions about your child’s disability or educational needs.

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