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Navigating the digital marketing landscape can be daunting. Professionals and sales people use acronyms that sound complex and difficult to comprehend. Searching the Internet for answers or strategies results in millions of articles, workshops, and templates that can be overwhelming if you’re just starting out. We know it can be frustrating, which is why we’re here to help. Check For Digital Marketing Companies in Vivid Digital 

We have compiled a list of digital marketing key terms to get you started and make you feel (and sound) like a pro. To dig deeper into current trends, strategies, and tools, we rounded out the list with a few of our favorite resources that feature articles about digital marketing trends, strategies, and tutorials.

List of digital marketing Key Terms are as follows :


A conversion happens when a customer or potential customer completes an action you set up for them. For example, when the car dealership sends maintenance coupons and then you bring your car in and use a coupon, you have completed a conversion. They set up an action step for you that would benefit their business and goals, and then you completed that action. Digital examples include subscribing to an email list or completing a purchase.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an over-arching term for any marketing that occurs on the Internet, on mobile devices, and any other digital medium. There are some who would prefer to scrap the “digital” part and simply call it “marketing.”

Email Automation

Automating email messages makes it simple to connect with customers in real time. Rather than manually sending out email blasts or welcome emails, you can use a tool like MailChimp to automatically send those messages for you. It also important to note that “automated email messages average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than ‘business as usual’ marketing messages” (Epsilon Email Institute). SEO Services in Hyderabad visit here

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

KPIs are data points that can be shown to have a direct impact on the success of the business or brand. Typically, this data is tracked, analyzed, and used to guide strategy for future business success. In sales, for example KPIs might be new customer acquisitions or customer attrition.

Responsive Web Design

This trend has grown with the increasing amount of time spent by users on mobile devices while on the web. It refers to the inclusion of design and development elements that adapt based on a user’s behavior, screen size, and platform. For example, in each of our web designs, we include responsive elements that shift and resize automatically for the mobile or tablet view.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How easily it is for searchers to find a website based on its relevance to their search terms is determined by SEO. Including keywords and terms in website content, promoting back links, and ensuring a website is meeting search engine criteria all impact SEO. Good SEO typically means your website is appearing at the top of search results when users are searching for your product or service.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Many marketing professionals will report on and set goals for SERPs, which is short for search engine results pages. These are just how they sound – the pages displayed when someone enters a search term into a search engine. In those results, an organic listing is unpaid and has been retrieved as a result of SEO and a sponsored listing is the equivalent of an advertisement which as been paid for.